Why should I apply with you guys ?

There are many reasons, the main one being that you have the freedom to use our approval to buy whatever you would like, we don't tell you what to buy and never will. 

I have bad credit. Can I get approved ?

Yes, we specialize in helping those with credit issues get approved and building credit!

Once approved how do I find a machine ?

Once we have your approval, we let you know the amount you are approved for. Then you can start shopping for your unit. You can choose a dealer you prefer, you can also find one privately off of Facebook or Kijiji eliminating a lot of the hassle and increased costs. We do the financing, you do the shopping!

How does the process work ?

We keep things as easy as possible with our simple 4 step process.
1. You fill out the application and our team gets to work on getting your pre approval.

2. Once we have your pre approval, we may need to provide proof of income, usually a recent paystub will work fine. Once the income is verified we tell you what you are approved for and you are ready to go shopping.

3. Once you have found the unit you want, you can send us the unit details and we will start on completing the necessary paperwork.

4. We go over the paperwork together, we then transfer the money to pay for the machine and you get riding!

How do you pay for the machine ?

Once everything is completed, we will either wire the money to the dealership you have chosen. If it is a private deal, we can either transfer the funds to the seller directly or send it to you. We typically have the funds sent in 24 to 48 hours.